Went to Robot yesterday...previously hearing the comments about it i was just determined not 2 c.but ultimately i saw it.its not such a disaster as described by many..I liked it far better than Anjaana anjaani.the animations made are pretty interseting..

Lost pages of the past!!!

It's chilly cold outside.In the midst of darkness a gust of wind flew down howling in the garden left evrybody trembling severely inside.Roads are empty n the benches,ver everybody used to chat around with frnds in lovely evenings seem to be thirst for nebody to loiter about them..In the midst of this engulfing darkness somebody knocked at the door.."M afraid who must be in this kinda weather,coz he(my husband) also dint return home".
"Who,who is it?"
"You(shocked)!Please go away just now.My husband will be coming soon.Go away,i beg u plss.Don't want to see you.Leave me alone please.don't do that.Just leave my hand.I just hate your touch now.Go away!!"
"Now you hate my touch!wonderful.Is that wat i xpected from u Akanksha!!"
"I know for wat u have come need money.I know!don't talk about expectations.Those words sting me now!"Akanksha got furious.
"Some day,these words of mine used to amaze you.the days of colle…

the story of Uncertainty.....

there are many incidents which make us uncertain about our life.....many people we meet who turn us towards an uncertain direction...coz we meet them Y..we dont know..n aftr meeting them we dont know ver they wud lead our life they wud create their impact on our life..Dat is again make our life uncertain.many times we meet many uncertain relationships...we dont know y we go 2wards them n how.but still we.smtyms they come very close to us..smtyms go far away...dats also uncertain....y these things happen.smtyms we get very hurt.smtyms we njy life wd them 2 the fullest...watever these uncertain relationships are they are alwaz very special to u.isn't it??

How I met Your mother.......

O a lovely hilarious,dramatic,abit less emotional bt a great show...venever u r morrosed or upset wd ne stuff dont have to do any therapy just watch HIMYM.Ted(narrator) an architect is totally awesome.Robin,a tv news reporter is gorgious as well as higly entertaining...Marshall n Lily s a sweet couple n legen...wait 4 it legendary Barney is just superb.guys all of us must watch it once or ever...I completed 5 seasons n waiting for the 6th one..these 5 of them can make u laugh n entertain u at ne point of time...the best serial i ever watched.thoroughly enjoyed it.on popular choice demand season 6 is also coming ....waiting eagerly for it.

That thing called LOVE.....

A national Bestseller by Tuhin A sinha.....An Unusual Romance ......and the mumbai recent crushhhh

Special feeling

Alwaz remember "In life ,there are people better than you;there are people worse than you...But there will never be one who is U!"
Stay Special alwazzzzz.........
God has taken alot of time to create each one of us.....n he has also taken alot of care n perfection to make us no matter wat hapens in ur life..never stop loving urself...coz u r the only one who can make urself special in all way.No matter if the whole world ditches you but dont leave confidence n affection on urself........Learn to love urself n then only U can love others......