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life is all about moments.....

the moments we share together never gng to return.kvi2 ye life boht ajeebogarib game khelti h.aise kasauti me kvi2 lake khada krwa deti h jisme u have 2 sel;ect n go for y dont6 people understand its not so its true we have 2 face them.kuch dino se bohot ajeeb2 khayal aa rhi h is dimaag me...we do mistakes...we getv punishment.smtyms we are wrong in judging der s a but in evrything....its not alwaz the thing dat we seee wd our eyes...people who hav nt understood u wl never b able 2 .....or they may understand u sm day.....wt m speaking i dont know.....the moments we tk,we cry ,we learn 2 live......alwaz remain close 2 u.its nt so easy 2 delete them at one go.......guys think alot b4 u do smthing.i dnt know whether u all have able 2 get smthng 4m my blog or its a total meaningless one........think 1000 times b4 u tk a decision.coz moments nevr return 2 cr

KCK-wats ur opinion abt it guysssss