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Went to Robot yesterday...previously hearing the comments about it i was just determined not 2 c.but ultimately i saw it.its not such a disaster as described by many..I liked it far better than Anjaana anjaani.the animations made are pretty interseting..

Lost pages of the past!!!

It's chilly cold outside.In the midst of darkness a gust of wind flew down howling in the garden left evrybody trembling severely inside.Roads are empty n the benches,ver everybody used to chat around with frnds in lovely evenings seem to be thirst for nebody to loiter about them..In the midst of this engulfing darkness somebody knocked at the door.."M afraid who must be in this kinda weather,coz he(my husband) also dint return home".
"Who,who is it?"
"You(shocked)!Please go away just now.My husband will be coming soon.Go away,i beg u plss.Don't want to see you.Leave me alone please.don't do that.Just leave my hand.I just hate your touch now.Go away!!"
"Now you hate my touch!wonderful.Is that wat i xpected from u Akanksha!!"
"I know for wat u have come need money.I know!don't talk about expectations.Those words sting me now!"Akanksha got furious.
"Some day,these words of mine used to amaze you.the days of colle…