Lost pages of the past!!!

It's chilly cold outside.In the midst of darkness a gust of wind flew down howling in the garden left evrybody trembling severely inside.Roads are empty n the benches,ver everybody used to chat around with frnds in lovely evenings seem to be thirst for nebody to loiter about them..In the midst of this engulfing darkness somebody knocked at the door.."M afraid who must be in this kinda weather,coz he(my husband) also dint return home".

"Who,who is it?"

"You(shocked)!Please go away just now.My husband will be coming soon.Go away,i beg u plss.Don't want to see you.Leave me alone please.don't do that.Just leave my hand.I just hate your touch now.Go away!!"

"Now you hate my touch!wonderful.Is that wat i xpected from u Akanksha!!"

"I know for wat u have come here.you need money.I know!don't talk about expectations.Those words sting me now!"Akanksha got furious.

"Some day,these words of mine used to amaze you.the days of college!!have you forgotten everything!"Ranvir said trying to make her recall the past.

"Don't forget Ranvir we are divorced now,separated totally!and above all m the wife of a respectful gentleman.And this house belongs to him,you have no right to insult his wife like this!!"

"It's true dat we are separated.But is it true dat u hav forgotten me totally .No,no ,no..Akanksha can never treat Ranvir like this.I dont believe..my Akanksha has changed so much..u are mine..n will alwaz be mine!!",breaks into emotions.

Then the phone rings"Hello!Akanksha ,its me Sandeep."

"When .you are going to return home.pls come fast."

"Sorry,but due to an imp delegation hav to fly off to States.I will be returning on Saturday.Ok.Have your dinner n medicines.Sleep well.dont worry about me.I will be ok!".

"What you wont return today!(in an astonished tone)Ok!take care!"(the call ends)

"What ,what are you doing near my cup-board?"

"No,I was just going through the names of the books kept in your book shelf!"said being panicked.

"No,I saw you " in a demanding voice."you were searching for something...!wat dint get nething!!'smiling in a mocking way.

"so your husband is not returning home today.wow!saturday..2 days in our hand .we can enjoy .Come,come close to me!"

"Shut up,just shut up.Chi,dont u feel ashamed saying all these rubbish.I will call everybody now.just leave(breaks into tears)."

"Call everybody.then wat u r going to say m the person who is phsically assaulting my wife!"in a roaring tone.

"Do you know getting into the house of a lady without permission makes you already a criminal!"holds her hand forcingly.

"Aaa.leave my hand.its hurting me just take the money n get lost!'In anger bites Ranvir n blood comes out."ouch ",in pain Ranvir leaves her hand.

"Thank you Akanksha,I just needed the mark on my hand n the pain .this mark wud make me feel that my Akanksha is alwaz wd me.bye.take care.",Ranvir leaves.

"Why the hell he came again.i dint want to see him .Must have made something missing from my cup-board.?why the book shelf seems to be distroyed.why the old books are mixed up with the new ones.Let me 1st check my cup-board"being disturbed n annoyed.

"Why is nothing missing from here!!uff,n wats this?lookn at some old pages of a diary."


Its gud to see u happy in your own house.tou are more matured n planned.n settled with Sandeep.its true,I have never been able to fulfill your expectations./But,i was just abit worried.i kept 2 books of Satish Chandra.those wer yours.So many days i kept wd me as ur asset.a token to remember my beloved.But now i think these books will make ur shelf more complete.KEEP THEM PLEAS.DONT THROW THEM AWAY!N U MUST BE THINKING.THE LETER .THE PAGES ARE QUITE OLD.YES,ITS SAME DIARY.dat u gifted me on my 1st bday with u."Love u alwazzz,take care..!?Ranvir."

A cold wind enters the open door......


  1. WAAAOW! wat a narration.
    It makes any body feel gr8 to be LOVED like this bt all will be in VAIN in absence of UNDERSTANDING...


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