We n our JAVA teacher of our college

guys cm 2 our JAVA class smtyms.we r busy in evrythng xept hearing wt sir hs 2 say.bt its nt our fault.its nt dat we dnt hear 2 ne teacher cmng 2 our class n we dont rspct ne f dem.we surely do.vn teachers r worth f it.we dnt undrstand nethng in his class.i feel myself.its totally my personal opinion ofcourse i think sir knows many thngs bt cant gv them 2 us.we dont find hs class interstng atalll.he lacks d power 2 create interest within us.i feel sir hs much knowledge bt cant deliver it proper;ly 2 us.n moreeovr sir's attire .nvr changing his shrt.alwaz looking dull.also creates a boring atmosphere.so people r busy in evry idiotic thngs no matter they avoid d sbjct totally.JAVA is a quite intrstng sbjct still we r nt enuf interstd in it.


  1. Yep, quite true. But why single out Java alone? The same is true for the rest of our subjects, most of them are quite interesting but the way they are taught in class, makes us fall asleep. The teaching methodology needs to be improved. A person may know many things but he cannot become a good teacher automatically.

  2. well talking 'bout our JAVA teacher !!!!
    he knows the things bt he lacks the tools of teaching.First ov all he is not spontaneous in his topics, he jst pick any topic and just start from nowhere and he gives just a damn overview, he neither goes into details of the topic nor he clarifies it. I will suggest all my friend to read JAVA from their OWN or join a certefied COURSE.
    Well thanxs to RITTIKA for it !!!!


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