How I met Your mother.......

O a lovely hilarious,dramatic,abit less emotional bt a great show...venever u r morrosed or upset wd ne stuff dont have to do any therapy just watch HIMYM.Ted(narrator) an architect is totally awesome.Robin,a tv news reporter is gorgious as well as higly entertaining...Marshall n Lily s a sweet couple n legen...wait 4 it legendary Barney is just superb.guys all of us must watch it once or ever...I completed 5 seasons n waiting for the 6th one..these 5 of them can make u laugh n entertain u at ne point of time...the best serial i ever watched.thoroughly enjoyed it.on popular choice demand season 6 is also coming ....waiting eagerly for it.


  1. I just love BARNEY ... for his BARNEISM ..
    bt i wanna be TED MOSBY .. Bcoz ... aah U all Know !!!!


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